The Sound-O-Mat Privacy Policy

This policy effective as of 18 September 2021

We believe in your personal privacy and your right to own, limit and refuse personal information. As such, we highly recommend installing the Ghostery browser plugins.

Our policy is that we do not gather involuntary personal information nor use cookies or tracking, without exception:

Personal Information

  • The only personal information we may collect is your email address, should you opt into our mailing list and that information will be deleted upon request by contacting us.
  • No other personal information is requested, collected or required.

Tracking and Data Collection

  • We do not run any tracking, analytic or other data collecting software, plug-ins, extensions, etc. on our site.
  • We do not run nor allow any third-party tracking or data gathering software on our site.
  • We do not run adverstising that may involve any of the aforementioned tracking or data gathering.
  • If you find any tracking happening on this site, please contact us so we can address it.


  • We do not set nor use cookies for any reason. If you find while browsing this site that a cookie has been set, please contact us so we can fix it immediately.

If you run ad blocking and/or privacy software and/or browser extensions, you should not see any blocks or reported trackers. If you do, please contact us and will we remove any offending code.

Linked sites and services

We do provide links to sites and services outside of our domain as well as embedded content such as hosted music and videos. We choose our third-party providers carefully but we cannot be responsible for practices employed by websites linked to from ours nor their information or content. When you use a link to another website, your browsing and interaction is subject to that website's own rules and policies, not ours.

Changes to the Terms

We may make small, simple changes to these Terms with or without notice to you, so you’re encouraged to review them time to time. Significant changes will be emailed to users who subscribe to our mailing list or for those who submit a request. By continuing to use this website after revisions become effective, you are agreeing to the revised terms.


You can contact us at if you have any questions about these Terms.