3 February

Austere: comp.3Austere: Shadoworld (live)

New Releases from Austere

Two new releases on the Austere Bandcamp page:

Shadoworld (live) - a live set from the "Sounds of Silence I: 'An Unnatural History' of Rare and Unreleased Tracks" compilation box set, remastered and released as four tracks plus the original recording unedited

comp.3 - the exclusive tracks from the Sounds of Silence I compilation that have not been previously released elsewhere

A new "pay what you want" pricing model has been put in place for most releases with a new base price of USD $5 for the remainder.


2 February

Austere: fadeAustere: CurioAustere: Remittance

New Reissues from Austere

>Three new remastered releases on the Austere Bandcamp page:

• Curio (remastered)

• Remittance (remastered)

• fade (remastered)

"Thanks to the support for those who've purchased before - if you want a free copy of the remastered releases, please contact Austere.


21 December

Winter Solstice 2023 Mix

Winter Solstice 2023 Mix

All of the past Winter Solstice mixes I've done have featured at least one track by Stars of the Lid (also Coil.) This year focuses almost entirely on the 'Lid and McBride's solo output, in mainly chronologic order, showcasing the evolution of their work.

It's bookended at the start with the Freq. Magnet track "McBride" from an album released on The Sound-O-Mat in 2007 and closes with a deep track from Max Richter's epic 8 hour "Sleep" project from 2014, which also features a documentary and mobile app - link also in bio. I highly recommend checking it out.

As always, I suggest taking an hour or so on this shortest day of the year for some deep listening and quiet contemplation and if you like the music, please consider buying some to support the labels and artists.


15 December

Liam Grant: Swung Heavy: Gitarr For Fanatics reissue

Liam Grant: Swung Heavy: Gitarr For Fanatics reissue

Original handmade CD-R edition of 200 sold out. Reissued pro CD-Rs in jewel cases, edition of 200.


6 October

Liam Grant / Spiral Joy Band split 7-inch

Liam Grant / Spiral Joy Band split 7" single

New split 7" split single by Liam Grant ("Ambajemackomas") and Spiral Joy Band ("New Lost Sidhe Knockers".) Limited edition of 300 available on Bandcamp.


25 August

Liam Grant: "Amoskeag" LP

Liam Grant "Amoskeag" LP

Liam Grant's first album of all-original composition is out on vinyl and streaming on all the usuals! Available on glorious black vinyl with handmade Riso covers in various colors, co-released by Carbon Records and Feeding Tube Records.

Mixed and mastered here at The Sound-O-Mat.


14 July

Just Released: Duncan Park "Traveller's Peace" cassette

Now available from Aural Canyon is Duncan Park's new album, "Traveller's Peace".

Reviewed by Foxy Digitalis: "This has quickly become my favorite Duncan Park album. Traveller's Peace is a sonic travelogue documenting adventures through real and imagined worlds. Rustic guitar serenades flicker for moments before synthetic rain washes us into a roiling sea. Voices come from all sides in every direction, recounting techniques and whispering secrets before winding back up the path toward home. [...] This is an absolute delight."


7 May

Austere: comp.2

New Release from Austere

comp.2 - a compilaton of previously released compilation tracks


15 January

Liam Grant / Mike Gangloff split 7-inch

Liam Grant / Mike Gangloff split 7" single

New split 7" split single by Liam Grant ("Rye") and Mike Gangloff ("Moon Home / Yew Piney Mountain".) Limited edition of 300 available on Bandcamp.


8 February

Jack Rose - Ironto, VA 2007

Jack Rose - Ironto, VA 2007

Free digital reissue of Jack's unreleased tour CD from 2007, remastered, etc. at The Sound-O-Mat.

Liner notes by Liam Grant, a.p.g.


25 January

Liam Grant - lathe cut 7-inch

Liam Grant - Lathe Cut 7"

Liam Grant's latest release, a limited edition of 100 two track lathe cut 7" single, is available on Bandcamp.

Hand cut by Tyler at Audio Geography. Comes with an original track by Liam and a Jack Rose cover song. There will be no digital copies released and these tracks will not be reissued nor published anywhere else.


4 January

Jack Rose - Portland, OR 2001

Jack Rose - Portland, OR 2001

Free digital ressiue of Jack's "Portland, OR" tour CD from 2001, remastered, etc. at The Sound-O-Mat.

Originally mistitled "Hung Far Low", the cover is a coaster from the long-gone and sadly missed Hung Far Low restaurant & bar.

Mike Gangloff figures these recordings were mainly made in 2000, with a few dating back to 1999. It was put together in late 2001 as a CD-R to be sold at shows. Only a dozen or so copies were made at the time.


17 November

Freq. Magnet - étoiles Du Couvercle

Freq. Magnet - Étoiles Du Couvercle

Freq. Magnet's "Étoiles Du Couvercle" is now available on Bandcamp.

Minimalist drone ambient guitar.


14 November

Jack Rose - Live at Routure 2007

Jack Rose - Live at Routure 2007

Live recording from 2007 at Rotture (misspelled "Routure" long ago in title) in Portland, Oregon.

The misspelling dates all the way back to emails discussing the Earth / Jack Rose tour in early 2007 and has stuck ever since.

Normally I'm anal-retentive enough to go back and fix the spelling but this project has been lingering and sputtering along for three years already so I'll be damned if I'm gonna redo all the artwork and rename/retag all the files. Add a "[sic]" mentally if needed. Thank you.


28 October

Liam Grant: Swung Heavy: Gitarr For Fanatics

Liam Grant's debut album "Swung Heavy: Gitarr For Fanatics" Released

CD-R orders shipping now. Get yrs from Bandcamp. Coming soon through The Sound-O-Mat as well.

Never forget: blues was the original punk OK!