Ambient / Drone Musick

What: Mindscapes: ambient soundtracks for altered states of mind.

When: On and off from 1998 to 2012. On again in 2022.

Where: Somewhere in the Pacific Wonderland.

Liam Grant
American Primitive Acoustic Guitar

Although only 23 years old, Liam Grant's become a leading force in a much needed third wave revival of American Primitive music.

The path was paved from the blues by Fahey, Basho, Kottke and so on, followed with a second coming heralded by folks like Jones, Rose, Basho-Junghans and others.

Despite his age, Liam's the very definition of "an old soul" and while he draws on a wide variety of contemporary influences, he also channels a comprehensive history of the blues as well as a deeper energy that informs both his playing and songwriting.

Duncan Park
Multi-instumentalist from Durban, South Africa

Duncan plays acoustic (and electric) folk music with streaks of psychedelic exploration, American Primitivism, zen-like ambience, archaic drones and some degree of pop sensibility.

Grayson McGuire

Grayson McGuire plays banjo.